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Our service makes it easy by automating the process of monitoring sellers across multiple platforms.

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What we offer

Minimum Advertised Pricing Platform that Cuts Labor and Cost

No more manually sifting through ever-changing data. Automate the task completely with MAPWatch. We monitor across Amazon, Google, and eBay. We will also build out individualized shopping platforms.


MAPWatch automates the process of monitoring sellers across Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, and more. Reports are sent to your inbox every morning. Receive data on violations, along with a screenshot of where the violation occurred.


Identify violating merchants' contact information including business names, addresses, phone numbers, social media information, and previous seller names. Our team makes it possible to follow up with leads an automated report provides.


The data is collected and the sellers are unmasked - it is time to bring the sellers into compliance. Safely hand over enforcement to our internal team. We enforce a 3-tier policy compliance system, aligned with your strategy. Use our enforcement panel today!

Why MAPWatch?

Located in Delaware, USA. MAPWatch launched in 2011 with our first client: Rainbow Sandals.

We have been around since the emergence of MAP, evolving with the challenges facing MAP. We consider ourselves a pioneer in the industry. Keeping costs minimal, we offer customized scanning frequency, USA and Canada marketplaces, screenshots of all violations, enforcement options and so much more! While competing organizations continue to build out over-priced bloated solutions, we chose to focus solely on MAP.
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The Latest Technology

Rebuilt from the ground up in Laravel

Over the last few years, Laravel has become the framework of choice for developing high-performance SaaS projects. To provide users with the best possible features, our developers have selected the best-of-the-breed technologies in the framework and feature delivery. Laravel offers a diverse and very stable framework that simplifies development workflows and allows our developers to create awesome features by leveraging the vast package library created and maintained by Laravel developers all over the world.
  • Powered by Laravel
  • Best-of-the-Breed Technologies
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How we Deliver Results

MAPWatch is constantly evolving to handle the ever-shifting marketplace. Below you will find a few of our more prominent features with many more on the way!

Flexible Number of Scans

With MAPWatch you have the ability to change how many times you want data scanned. Only pay for the data you need!

Screenshots of Violations

Our software will take a screenshot of every violation with a timestamp and deliver it to your inbox in a organized report.

Multiple Marketplaces Scanned

Scanning takes place amongt Amazon, eBay, and Google. We also have the capability to build out custom marketplaces for a one-time fee.

Scouting Across the US and Canada

MAPWatch has the capability to scan both US and Canadian marketplaces, so that you may enforce across the continent.

Access to our Enforcement Panel

Within our user portal, you will have access to our enforcement panel. Here you can send enforcement letters, monitor read status, and track down violators.

Investigate Unauthorized Sellers

Our in-house team investigates unauthorized sellers around the clock. We consult with data-collection partners, search internal records and manually cross reference online.

Watch How MAPWatch Works

Enjoy a 14-day free trial of MAPWatch risk free. Plans are month to month with NO start-up costs. After you sign up, fill in the product import template (CSV) with your products. 
Our team will import your products for you at no additional charge. Once the product sheet is imported, you will begin receiving reports the very next day.

What Partners are Saying

The MAPWatch platform empowers brands to automate and enforce their MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.

“We really appreciated the turn around time in handling requests and features. Your developers are quick in addressing any bugs/problems. The customer services provided by Avalanche and MAPWatch was phenomenal as well! The dedicated contact rep with availability on the weekends helped us out of a few jams. Hats off to you! Thank you for helping us clean up MAP and unauthorized sellers.”
MSI Computers
“Thanks to the MAPWatch program, we have been able to keep the integrity of our product and pricing to a level where everyone is happy. It is comforting knowing my contact is always an e-mail away if I have any questions concerning our MAP strategy. The team even worked with us on a custom data collecting request. I specifically remember not being charged extra on a feature that others could use.”

Feedback is the heart of interaction. We welcome your suggestions. 

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